The School offers a unique opportunity for individuals to develop and grow to become best business managers and practitioners,the School has been able to impart entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to our students. Many of our students have been able to employ themselves and create employment for others.

Projects under them

  1. Crowdfunding for Youth Entrepreneurs in Tanzania (C4YET) Project (2019-2023).

The project is being implemented by Mzumbe University (MU), Copenhagen Business School (CBS), and Small Industries Development Organizations (SIDO), and under the financing of DANIDA. This project was initiated in order to address the financing needs of young entrepreneurs in Tanzania taking cognizance of the fact that youths find it very difficult to access traditional bank funding for their creative businesses or start-ups. Among the reasons that cause these difficulties is that these youth entrepreneurs lack track record and collateral. In addition, they can’t provide financial statements or adhere to other strict terms and conditions that banks consider essential for evaluating creditworthiness. Crowdfunding is seen by the project as an alternative funding source that can bail out the young entrepreneurs of Tanzania in their quest for funds for innovative businesses and start-ups.

  1. Entrepreneurship and Industrial Development in Tanzania Through Blended Learning (P4) (2019 – 2022).

This is a project number 4 (P4) under VLIR-UOS 4SITE Programme, which has a total of four projects. The Project is being implemented by Mzumbe University and Ghent University and Hasselt University in Belgium. The expected outcomes of the project are twofold; academic and societal outcomes. Academically, the project aims to make Mzumbe University a leader in becoming the leading university in teaching entrepreneurship through blended learning. At the society, the project intends to have an influence on the empowerment of SMEs through access of entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. More specifically, management and operational skills. Therefore, the desired outcomes are expected to be influenced by the project through the use of an innovative way of teaching students at the university and innovative way of engaging rural and urban SMEs in the access to entrepreneurial knowledge.

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