MUBS- The MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre

Entrepreneurship is key to the growth of economies and is crucial for the long term survival of organizations primarily because it is a source of innovations. The MUBS Entrepreneurship Centre exists to develop entrepreneurship along a variety of fronts through training, research, provision and dissemination of information. The Centre programmes suit new and established businesses, individuals and organizations that work with entrepreneurs. Visit our website and or call Ms. Diana Ntamu Nandagire on +256 -414- 338125/6

The MUBS Career and Skills Development Centre

The Career and Skills Development Centre was established to help MUBS students and prospective University students envision their career through creating awareness among students about the different opportunities in the work environment and preparing them for the job market. The Centre enables MUBS students to understand what a career is , develop their skills and help them to choose a career that is a reflection of their abilities and interests. The section also enables prospective students from secondary schools and other tertiary institutions to understand the meaning of a career and drawing a career plan with the objective of creating a well informed and empowered student who can envision his/her career. The Centre also manages the Skills Development Programmes & the MUBS Women Forum

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