Daystar University sets aside over KES 30 million each year to assist approximately 300 students through a variety of scholarships and other financial aid. Eligibility and application process vary depending on the kind of scholarship.

Our scholarships fit a variety of our students’ needs. They include:

  • Daystar Family and Daystar Sunday partial Scholarships – a one-time scholarship award aimed at helping students who have not completed paying their fees, sit for their exams.
  • Academic Merit Scholarship – a first-year scholarship offered to students who have a mean score of A or A- in KCSE and have applied for admission to Daystar.
  • Book Award – available annually to 6 students who have the highest GPA in their respective year of study.
  • Selected Scholarship – covers 75% of the tuition costs and the beneficiaries are re-evaluated annually
  • Hardship Scholarship – offered to students who cannot afford to sustain themselves in Daystar even with the 75% scholarship, thus are given a full scholarship.
  • Recommended Scholarship – these are initiated by the donor who then gives full or partial support. Work-study Programme – students are awarded about KES 40,000 per semester but they have to work for 10 hours in a week.
  • The work-study scholarship is given on a need basis.
  • Also, there are some scholarships available specifically to women and other special interest groups both in undergraduate and postgraduate study.

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