The Africa Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture and Agribusiness Management (CESAAM) at Egerton University (Kenya).

Food insecurity and poverty remains the major challenge to Africa’s development, affecting about 33% of its population. One key approach in addressing Africa’s food insecurity is to build capacity and innovative research along the agricultural value chains. CESAAM is funded by World Bank modeled to address the above issues. The Center is also situated in the region with countries that are either in conflict or emerging from conflicts, such as South Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, and Burundi. The Universities and agro-industry in these countries are facing staffing challenges in all fields, more so in Agriculture and agribusiness, and the center will contribute to the capacity building of these institutions besides enhancing Kenyan own institutions, with the expected result in better trained agricultural and agribusiness manpower, high-level Agri-industrial development which in turn will contribute to agricultural development.

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