Angela Wanjiku

Angela Wanjiku (21), a recent graduate of a Bachelor of Arts degree in design, has single-handedly created a lifestyle and fashion brand, which uses technology to address the needs of visually impaired persons in society.

“As a design student, I wanted to use my skills and passion to make an impact in my community,” she said, adding that she decided to focus on fashion for visually impaired persons.

“I used to wonder how they [visually impaired persons] interpreted fashion,” she said. According to Wanjiku, design, tech and innovation are powerful tools that can be used for empowering the underprivileged in society. Wanjiku‘s innovation offers verbal product identification during shopping and dressing.
“We’ve been using QR codes that users get to scan and get audio feedback on the clothing details: size, material, print design and wash and care instructions,” she said. “We are currently working on moving to near-field communication technology,” she told University World News.

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