This award recognizes outstanding work in finance departments, including that of a university’s procurement team. Submissions should include a brief overview of your institution’s financial strategy and show how the finance team contributed to its development, implementation and delivery of key outcomes.
Judges will look for evidence of improvement in an institution’s overall financial position, as well as its underlying sustainability. Submissions should also demonstrate how the institution’s financial strategy has allowed key strategic targets to be met during 2018-2019.

  • Highlight substantial achievements such as supporting a cost reduction programme, changes to your institution’s size or structure, increasing efficiency, developing additional income streams or the smart implementation of relevant innovative practices from other sectors that have delivered clear benefits.
  • How does the finance department successfully communicate financial initiatives to colleagues across the institution? Do you use clear, high quality performance analytics and data visualizations?
  • How do you foster a sense of shared ownership across non-finance leaders and managers?
  • Please note that you need only refer to specific strategic plans and targets that have been met.