1. Lifetime Achievement Award- Enroll
2. Business School of the Year – Enroll
3. Widening Participation or Outreach Initiative of the
4. Excellence and innovation in Arts.
5. Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development.
6. Research Project of the Year: Arts, Humanities & Social
7. STEM Research Project of the Year.
8. Technological/digital Innovation of the Year.
9. Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community.

10. Outstanding government support for students.
11. Outstanding Entrepreneurial University.
12. Outstanding Technical and Vocational Institute
13. University of the Year.
14. Outstanding cultural heritage advancement.
15. Outstanding agricultural research of the year.
16. International Collaboration of the Year.
17. Outstanding Innovation towards climate change
18. Outstanding Financial Performance.
19. Outstanding Innovation towards health
20. Outstanding Marketing/Communications Team.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The award will honor scholars who have demonstrated distinct accomplishments, professionalism, and dedication to the area of higher education in any discipline across East African universities. The HEA-EA will have the supremacy to select and award according to ethics set.

Business School of the Year

This award will go to the business school demonstrating the most outstanding overall performance in equipping graduates with not only business skills but most importantly the art of translating the acquired knowledge into businesses in their respective societies during the 2018-19 academic year. The award will also look at how nominees have forged different business partnerships and consequently their results on the wellbeing of their establishment, the communities they serve and the east African economy at large. It is open to all business schools in the East Africa, including those situated within universities and those in the private sector.

Qualities we will be looking for in submissions will include:
• Evidence showing how the school’s work has impacted on business and/or society more generally
• Evidence of how the school has built partnerships with the business community and other organizations to bring benefits to both sides
• Evidence showing why you stand out from the crowd in this most competitive of marketplaces.
• Evidence of exceptional performance against specific indicators such as innovation, teaching, research, student experience, alumni relations and development Judges will be looking for bold and creative strategies and initiatives that have helped the school to improve and flourish in the year in question.

Widening Participation or Outreach Initiative of the Year

This award will go to the most imaginative and innovative project that promotes diversity and encourages people from traditional backgrounds to enter higher education or extends the reach of the institution to new areas of activity. It is open to individuals, departments, or institutions in the East African region.

Applicants must be able to
• Describe the background to and context of your widening – participation or outreach initiative.
• How was it rolled out?
• What were the results? Provide evidence of demonstrable progress or success, including impact on student recruitment.
• How does your initiative differ from standard practice in the sector? Is it transferable as an example of good practice?


Excellence And Innovation in Arts Award

The award will recognize universities and higher institutions of learning for their achievement in finding powerful answers to important local, regional challenges and beyond, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of pioneering, and promoting arts and most importantly to encourage innovations in higher education across the East African spectrum.
The award is open to universities and higher learning institutions across east Africa.

Applicants must be able to:
• Demonstrate the best practice in implementing and assessing innovative programs or services, irrespective of resources needed;
• Use innovative and substantive solutions to achieve meaningful, measurable outcomes to improve the lives of others and create systemic large-scale change
• Have a sustained model program or service that both demonstrates transformative results.
• Describe the background to and context of your entry. Does the entry represent a new effort to establish a reputation in the arts, or does it further an already strong position in the field?
• Explain the nature of your excellence or innovation has led to large scale transformative change?
• Describe the impact of your work. Provide evidence of demonstrable progress or success.
• Outline any collaborative or interdisciplinary element to your work? If so, please tell us about it.
• Please note: this award will focus on projects and approaches to the promotion of the arts and outstanding research in this field.

Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development

This award seeks to recognize and reward original schemes that foster leadership development at any level of management from directors to departments. It is open to institutions, departments or teams in the East Africa.

Applicants must be able to provide
• An abstract on your leadership style and its effectiveness in the contribution to leadership development
• Evidence of demonstrable progress or success. Include feedback from staff who have benefited from your support.

Research Project of the Year: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

This will be awarded to the individual or team at Higher Education institution for innovative arts, humanities or social sciences research that has a far-reaching impact and has caught, or has the potential to catch, the imagination of the public. Submissions should demonstrate the economic, social, cultural or other public benefit of the research, and judges will be looking for entries that have raised the profile of the field in question.
• Explain the background to your project. Why was the research necessary and what were its primary objectives?
• Describe how the research was funded, what the work involved, and what challenges arose.
• What did the results reveal and what are the potential wider benefits to society? Has it led to other projects or new avenues of exploration?
• Judges will look for evidence of significant or novel results, creative collaborations and imaginative communication of research results.